Excitement is running high as the students of SBS prepare for the form evening. The auditions are going on and tension is in the air as everyone waits for their results. Everyone auditions for different things, according to their interests, and mine lay in compering. My audition was, for me, nerve-wracking. Being the pessimist I am, I decided beforehand that I was going to do horribly, and because of that, I became a stuttering mess over just a couple of questions. Before the interview started, I did get time to overthink, as all the over-excited 6thies went first, then the 7thies, then the 8thies. I spent my time panicking as time went by horribly slow. Finally, the last 6thie walked out, looking content. I walked in and nervously smiled at the teacher. She asked my name and section, and the audition began. She asked me a few questions and I faltered in response, barely managing to complete my response. After the audition was over, I walked out, not at all satisfied with my performance. Well, then. Anyway, I recommend calming yourself and taking a few deep breaths and relaxing yourself as it's only questions. Try having a bunch of fancy words by your side to answer. Other than that, be clear about your replies. Keep your thoughts organized and be honest in your effort. Again, make sure to not panic and stay calm. Good luck!

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E

There is so much enthusiasm and festivity around. The campus is buzzing with the preparations for yet another Middle school Form Evening. This is my first year in the Middle school. Since the day I joined, I have been eagerly looking forward to this event. Our teachers started planning and we were told the theme of the Form Evening. All of us geared up for auditions and thought of giving the best shot. I took up auditions for both drama and compering. Unfortunately I did not get selected for drama. I thought I performed well in the 'police role', who raided a politician's house for black money. I was very disappointed and demotivated. After this audition, I wanted to try for compering, unluckily I was absent and missed being there for the audition. The next day when I reached school, I realized every group was full and it was the most stressful situation for me. I started to believe that the auditions were extremely complicated. My class teacher helped me calm down and made me realize that every part and every role is equally important. We should be able to contribute in whatever way we can. After realizing this, I chose to be in the silent national anthem as that is something new for me and also decided to contribute through my write up in the SBS MAG. I am looking forward to all the fun and frolic that I will witness during the practices with my friends. I am very sure that I will practice sincerely and give my best on the final day.

By: Shaury Kukreti 6D

Alexithymia: Inability to describe emotions verbally

Dance is a beautiful way of expressing what words cannot say. It is pure emotion in motion. It is truly one of the most stunning ways as each movement is laced with a handful of emotion overflowing on the floor, waiting for people to see and interpret differently. Only the dancer can see the entire spectrum of colour they have put while everyone stays colorblind.

In our country, India, which is a diverse nation and has a variety of dances, each of which, have a different story to tell. Dance can capture the essence of a story, and express it only with their expressions and movements. They can narrate the story with their swan-like steps each capturing the heart of emotion in the character to act out freely. They can make us understand what the story is.

To conclude, dance is stunning and intricate and can mesmerise with each sway.

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E

"A picture paints a thousand words."

Art and design, this year, has been particularly interesting as the students have been given the opportunity to turn a simple circular wooden platform into a beautiful rangoli employing their own creativity.

Upon entering the art room, the students were sketching. They are using traditional Indian designs to decorate it.

The rangoli will be placed under the lamp which will be lit by our Principal, Suri ma'am, Anita ma'am, and the chief guest.

As I worked on my project, I observed that some children worked peacefully listening to songs that were playing on ma'am's laptop, while some were somewhat distracted. Being overcrowded, it was sometimes difficult to work in the art room.

The designing of the stage will soon begin to lend perfect ambience for the final day. Stage painting is one of the most fun and important parts of Art and Design. I am really looking forward to it!

By: Anaanya Poddar 7A

On our way to families we were connected to three wonderful families. Each had its own interesting story to tell.

Our first encounter was with the Emogi family. Angry emoji, confused emoji, happy emoji, smiling emogi, embarrassed emoji, no emotion was left unexpressed in this bizarre family, where family members talk less and chat more. Has this obsessive need of expressing one's emotions through colourful smilies left us devoid of genuine emotions? Are our hearts truly connected?

"I love myself!"- says the Selfie family. Partying and taking pictures has them connected 24x7 to the world. Metro selfie, retro selfie, party selfie, selfie in the morning, selfie in the evening... "How different do I look in each of them?" Has them wondering 24x7.

Grass is always greener on the other side... "What a dilemma!" The comparing family cries. Who is swifter? Who is smarter? Who is richer? Who is poorer? These questions are often left to ponder upon by the comparing family.

Come one come all, enjoy your brush with all of them. Feel being part of any one of them or all of them...

By: Hardik Tyagi 6A & Shiv Mittal 6C

You look at your reflection in your bathroom mirror. Dull eyes, pale face, dark circles under your eyes and uncombed hair. "You're ugly" said the voices inside your head. You tried fighting your suicidal thoughts, tendencies to hurt yourself and the unexplainable desire to jump from the balcony. You tightly grip the edges of your sink, steadying yourself. "There is no going back now" whispered the voices in your head. You gave up your demons a long time ago (or the 'voices' as you liked to call them). You exhale, slowly. Tears threaten to fall. You rub your eyes harshly. "I'm not gonna cry.....not anymore" you say to yourself. You leave your bathroom and head towards your bed room balcony. You open the door and step out. "You're pathetic!" the voices say once again. You look down at yourself. Black ripped jeans & a plain black t-shirt with your favorite band on it in white. "At least l'll look decent for a dead person"you whisper to one in particular.

3 years. It's been exactly three years of your short miserable life. About four years ago you used to live a pretty decent life. Your parents decided to get a divorce, so naturally your grades started to drop. You decided to go with your father, ignoring the insults your mother screamed at you, venom in every word. After 2 years you decided it was time to move on, unfortunately for your dad, that wasn't the case. You see, he was very broken about the divorce, so to drown his sorrows; he started drinking and became an alcoholic. He wasn't abusive towards you or anyone, for that matter, his behavior wasn't violent either, he wasn't anything but kind to you. But you were still scared of him, even if he didn't do anything.

You felt something wet on your cheek. You were crying. You wiped away your tears."Look at you. Crying like the loser you are." The voices said. "Nobody ever loved you," they said again. You sighed and grasped the railings. "Do it now." They said. You looked up to the sky. The sky was clear and the stars shone brightly. There's no holding back now......" you said to yourself as you hoisted yourself onto the railing. You looked up to the stars one last time and smiled.

"Life's quite short, isn't it?" you thought as you let go.

By: Jaansi Setia A8

"In this world where everyone is over exposed, the coolest thing that you can do is to maintain your mystery"

'Friends, Romans, Countrymen, lend me your ears. I come to bury social media, not to praise it.'

We, middle-schoolers of SBS, come together on the 16th and 17th of December 2016, to get "connected" to each other. This time we bring you a tirelessly rehearsed and ultimately perfected evening bash, which will finally end up, you carrying the most beautiful memories of the year because an event of this magnitude comes only once a year. From spell binding performances, to mesmerising renditions of choir, and orchestra that will leave you in a trance; everything fabulous, you'll find here. It is not only we students who make our performances this great, but it is our diligent teachers who repair and mend it to the best.

This year is all about being connected 24x7 to each other through social media and how it is affecting all of us. It is not that easy to get a role on stage. Yeah, I think you guessed it, AUDITIONS-the hard part and a struggle to get through! Auditions have two sides to them, one side brings happiness whereas the other holds disappointment for many. Fortunately, I got selected in drama. Though I got a really small role but I was satisfied with what I got. The part of our form evening I am enacting in is a scene where a "Baba" of all social media - "Global Desi Baba", comes and advertises for his "stress relieving school". It has been going great and this is my first form evening. To be frank, I am enjoying myself to the fullest. The best part of it is, NO STUDIES... and you get to practice all day long and honestly, it is amazing. I am really feeling wonderful to be a part of the incredible Form Evening.

By: Laavanya Gupta 7C

Connected 24/7 is the topic for this year's form evening. It is a new and innovative topic, yet very relevant as our generation is dependent on the internet. It was no surprise that the teachers made it the topic this year.

All 468 participants of this year's form evening will blow your mind. Whether they are on stage or off stage. They have given their100% and are practicing all day long to put up a great performance.

Even though we only had three weeks to practice, all students were dedicated and came to school on the weekends and school holidays. Their dedication will hopefully deliver and we wish them the best of luck.

By: Suryansh Gupta 6B & Arnav Bajoria 7A

"If music be the food of love, play on!"

Music is heartfelt and is perfect to voice our emotions. It elevates or dampens our spirits just with its meaningful sound and lyrics. Music touches our hearts and leaves an imprint. We can drown ourselves in the lyrics and not feel the need for air. Lyrics make a clear way to our hearts.

As I walked to the Indian music room, I heard faint singing. I peered in through the window to see two rows of children, singing orderly. Honestly, that was not what I expected! Vineeta ma'am observed, standing in front of them, occasionally making hand gestures to sing louder or softer. Their voices were in perfect sync making it sound almost angelic. All the children were engrossed in their practice, singing with complete dedication. When the song ended, the students got into group| to share some lighter moments and have fun. Vineeta ma'am reassembled the students, changing a few positions and they started their song again. All the different types of voices, high or low, rough or smooth gelled together in song. I listened intently. When their song ended, I decided I had got enough information to write about and left.

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E

What is Orchestra? A group of instrumentalists, especially one combining string, woodwind, brass, and percussion sections and playing classical music.

The importance of orchestra is that without beat any music or wordings will be boring and irritating. Some instruments are guitar, drums, flute, table, sitar, harmonium, trumpet, pagepipe, banjo, Congo etc.

In our schools annual function always orchestra has an amazing and grand solo performance. Without orchestra dance and drama are incomplete as without beat they can't dance and without punches drama may be boring.

Orchestra is also a way to start or end a big and amazing show. These are just a few uses of Orchestra. It can be used in many other places.

By: Arnav 6A

The form evening is termed as the event of the year in the SBS calendar year. To host such a special event, a team of excellent comperes are chosen. Every year, the best speakers of middle school audition for the prestigious spots as hosts. Only a select few are chosen.

Although the practices started late this year, still all students are in good stead.

All our talented comperes are very hardworking. They choose areas of their interest which they wanted to speak on and thoroughly researched them. Using the information, they framed their own lines which have gone to Priya ma'am, they anxiously await her nod.

You can imagine that such a big responsibility will only be given to the best of children. Hence, our source confirms that the auditions were tough and consisted of two formidable rounds.

The comperes are practicing very hard. They are an integral part of the show. Best of luck our budding comperes!

By: Arya Goyal 7B & Arnav Bajoria 7A

No show is complete without a few interruptions. It ranges from the ring of a phone, to the late arrival of a VIP. This time the policewalas of SBS will cater to that.

Some of middle school's most talented actors have been chosen to impersonate the policewalas of India. Extremely filmy, they rightly deserve a whole act dedicated to them.

We all think that we lead stressful lives and immerse ourselves in self- pity. But, we don't realize that apart from home, policemen have many more worries such as duty, arrogant lawbreakers etc. This play brings just that out.

This piece of drama is very entertaining and will make the nights of the audience, filled with fun and laughter.

By: Arya Goyal 7B

Dance always plays a pivotal role in any show. This year, much of our theme, Connected 24x7, is portrayed through dance. One dance that will blow you away is the Techno Tizz dance.

Choreographed by one of the most experienced choreographers of our school, Shreya ma'am, the Techno Tizz dance has a variety of steps ranging from robotic moves to zombie walk.

The music is very entertaining and is popular among youth. Detail of sound has also not been left out. Quite a few sounds from the electrical world have been infused in this dance to make the experience of the audience, a truly magical one.

This dance will surely differ from anything you may have seen before.

Techno Tizz will make the form evening spellbinding for all its audience. I wish you the best of luck Techno Tizz dancers.

By: Arya Goyal 7B

The form evening is around the corner. All the participants are getting ready to give their best. The form evening would showcase the best talents from the middle school. Our creativity is being showcased through various forms of art such as music, dance, drama etc.

Before the practices began, we were informed that there is another dance called the 'family dance'. I was participating in the silent national anthem. However, when I heard about this dance, I got really excited and decided to join it. I am happy that there are two family dances. One is the emoji family dance and the other is the selfie family dance. The former has really funny and entertaining steps. It is energetic and full of enthusiasm. I am looking forward to participate in the Emoji Dance.

By: Shaury Kukreti 6D

2. A group which plays instruments.
5. Superman movies have a lot of _______
6. We do this hobby when there is music
7. A song written by Rabindra Nath Tagore.
8. The middle school children showcase their talent in front of their parents.

1. Another name for policemen.
3. Drawing, painting and crafting is their talent.
4. Dance form which was performed by Michael Jackson.
9. The group of people who have a loud voice.
10. The place from which we get a lot of information from.

By: Hardik 6A & Nirvaan 6B

The tabla is a percussion instrument invented by a Turkish Sufi poet in the 13th century. It is often used in classical Indian music.

The talented tabalchis of SBS will mesmerize you with their stunning performance. They will be performing a classical Indian 'Tal'. All of them are playing with a lot of enthusiasm and determination. The sound modulation is excellent and all the tabalchis are playing in complete sync with each other. One of the best parts of them to be found, is that they are completely enjoying themselves. It shows that everyone wants to be here. There are pouring their heart and their soul into performing.

The performance will stun the audience on the night of the Form Evening . We wish the tabalchis the best of luck.

By: Suryansh Gupta 6B, Vansh Sukhwani 6B & Arya Goyal 7B

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