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Middle School Form Evening

Connected! 24x7

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Connected! 24x7

I STRESS about STRESS before there's even STRESS to STRESS about!

"She used to be my best can she betray me like that..I have no faith in friendship anymore..."
"Two reviews and so many happy childhood is officially over.."

Does this sound familiar? Do these things turn your whole world upside down?
Well, if you are a middle school student perhaps 'Yes'.

We live in a time when the world has come together in a way like never before. As we explore new worlds, our own world has shrunk and is at the touch of our finger tips.

Thanks to Technology - we are Connected 24x7! But with this intense connectivity are we disconnected with ourselves and with those we care for?

It appears that Stress is not an age related concept anymore. It is slowly making inroads into our adolescence, consuming our childhood and carefree pleasures.

Amidst celebration and festivity, this year's Form Evening builds on this theme of STRESS. It aims at revealing just how stressful the life of an adolescent can be.

So destress yourself by embarking on this fun-filled journey of dance and drama where there are mysteries to unravel and lessons of life to be learnt.


"What if I don't get selected?"
"How do I explain to my parents that working on production is just as meaningful?"
"This costume doesn't look trendy. Will I look a sight in this?"
"Dance, drama, production, art and design... not my cup of tea! Where do I go from here?"
"Will I manage my reviews and rehearsal?"

And so the story goes...

Byte of the Day

"Connected 24x7 @ SBS is a rage,
With dance, drama, costume we will have you spellbound and dazed!!!"

- Ekansh Bharadwaj 7B & Anya Rajgarhia 8E

"The day began with haze
But Middle school continued to dazzle the stage
As their enthusiasm was set ablaze."

- Arya Goyal 7B

"To the tune of family, we all groove
Their love makes our heart move
Our solidarity for it, do we need to prove?"

- Arya Goyal 7B & Ekansh Bharadwaj 7B

Running through to finale.......
-Hardik Tyagi 6A

"Practice fixes our flaws
Extracting perfection for this incredible cause."

- Ekansh & Akshat