An interview with Seerat ma'am on what it means to capture essence.

Q1) How does photography play a major role in the big event?
A1) Photography catches all the real essence of the big show put up.

Q2) What is required to be a good photographer?
A2) We need to have an eye for the obvious and have your focus on the frame right.

Q3) What learning for life happens in photography?
A3) Having your focus right, seeing the beauty in the day to day things. Capturing life time memories and gifting smiles to individuals when they see themselves captured beautifully.

Q4) What tips/instructions do you give to students when they go out to take pictures?
A4) To click candid shots, to capture the essence of the preparation, to capture people who are indirectly involved and to focus on the not so obvious moments.

Q5) What do you think of this topic 'stress'?
A5) Stress is a self-created term. It is making a simple life complicated and keep building up on it and being worried about something which might not happen.

By: Mahir Sabharwal 6D & Saai Arora 6D

Shreya ma'am has always been an important and integral part of the Form Evenings. She co-ordinates the dances and gives her valuable input in the script. Hence, we felt that it was time for someone to interview her and find out her feelings about 'Connected 24x7'.

Q1) What is the highlight of the Techno Tizz dance?
A1) How technology encapsulates us and we don't even realize it.

Q2) How did you fall upon the idea of Techno Tizz?
A2) We were talking about this with the students. After talking to them, we realized that children are on gadgets 24x7. We realized that technology is changing us. Hence, we felt that it is important to perform a dance which showcases this idea via an innovative way.

Q3) How significant and integral is the Techno Tizz dance to 'Connected 24x7'?
A3) The Techno Tizz dance is a very important part of this year's Form Evening. Connected 24x7 show how we are connected to each other through technology. This dance portrays that and is hence, an important and integral part of 'Connected 24x7'.

Q4) Brief us or throw light on the progress of the Techno Tizz dance.
A4) (sigh) The progress is very slow. The piece has been devised by the students and they themselves are not performing it well. This dance is very tedious and technical and hence, requires a lot of attention and practice. I feel that I am not getting the amount of attention and practice I need.

Q5) How exhausting are the practices for you and the children?
A5) (very big sigh) Massively exhausting. Managing 40 children who don't listen to you is not a child's play. We need precision and co-ordination. Every afternoon, I have to drink ginger tea, just so that I can shout at them (the children) again the next day.

Shreya ma'am is doing an excellent job. We salute you ma'am!

By: Arya Goyal 7B & Ekansh Bharadwaj 7B

Interview of a production team member (SHAAN)

Q1) What made you opt for the production team?
A1) I am responsible and I thought I will be able to work hard and be an effective part of the production team and I was right, so I got selected.

Q2) What are the challenges you are facing in this year's Form Evening?
A2) This year we are having difficulty in co-ordinating with people on different floors because of that we have to run around the whole school.

Q3) Brief us on your experience of being a part of the production team.
A3) I am having a lot of fun but at the same time it is also a lot of hard work and responsibility.

Q4) How do you cope with lessons missed in your absence?
A4) To complete the missed work we ask our friends and complete it at home.

Q5) What is required to be an efficient member of the production team?
A5) You have to be responsible, have knowledge about things in the school, and have respect for teachers and students.

By: Harkeerat 7A & Arnav 7A

Q1) Why did you opt for police wala dance?
A1) I had initially opted for the 'sadhu baba' dance, later I got into police wala dance.

Q2) How do you think this dance is related to the form evening topic this year?
A2) The topic for the Form Evening this year is 24x7. The policemen work for 24 hours and its like taking a break and dancing with joy.

Q3) In what way is it different from other dance forms showcased in the form evening?
A3) The police dance is an interesting blend of hip-hop, stunts and other dance forms whereas other dances have only showcased only one form of dance.

Q4) Do you enjoy working with different grades and sections? Tell us about the fun you have during and in between practice?
A4) Yes, I enjoy working with different section and grades. Between practices we play a game of sign languages called "007". We also have fun dancing and we chit-chat a lot with each other.

Q5) How is the practice progressing? Do you think you have sufficient time for practice?
A5) The practice is progressing well. We practice group by group. If one step is not clear to anyone, we either change it or practice it again and again until we master it. I think we have sufficient time for practice as we practice for 5 lessons which is P3 to P8.

By: Nirvaan 6B & Hardik 6A

Q1) What is your role as production incharge? Brief us a little on your experience.
A1) So, my job is to join the bits and pieces of the program. I keep a close watch on all the sub-divisions. It's a mind blowing experience. It's really amazing.

Q2) What qualities do you look for while auditioning the students?
A2) They must be organized, well behaved, and responsible. Students must have management skills. So for that we ask them questions related to management skills.

Q3) Production is the backbone of the Form Evening. Tell us about the hard work that goes in rolling out the program successfully?
A3) Production is the backbone of the Form Evening. Tell us about the hard work that goes in rolling out the program successfully?

Q4) Give your views on the theme of this year's Form Evening?
A4) I think it is going to be another good hit. When we are moving towards technology, we are also moving away or disconnecting from our near and dear ones.

By: Vansh Sukhwani 6B & Suryansh Gupta 6B

Q1) How is projection contributing to the form evening?
A1) When a certain performance is going on, the projection team flashes the slides for maybe a backdrop or a PPT. It is flashed onto a white screen at the rear of the stage.

Q2) You had been a part of the projection team last year as well. How is this year's experience different?
A2) This year's projection team has many more students than last year, which makes the work easier and faster. Also, the topic for this year's form evening connects to the kids, therefore they do most of the work on their own. Last year, the topic was more science-oriented and it was more difficult to gather all the slides and put them together.

Q3) What do you look for when you are selecting students for projection?
A3) I give a chance to any student who wishes to join.

Q4) What is your take on this year's form evening and its topic?
A4) I love this year's form evening and the topic is really good as I feel it reaches out to the kids more and connects to them. I also want the kids to see this form evening as it is all for them.

Q5) How do you prepare your team for last minute technical glitches or snags?
A5) We have 3 to 4 computers all showing the same things and if a one computer hangs we can connect the projector the other computers. For example, a long PPT is being showcased and there is a chance that it could hang any time. In case this happens, we can easily connect the output to the next computer and so on and so forth.

I would also like to say that my team for this year Form Evening is awesome!

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E & Harkeerat Singh 7A

Delight ma'am is playing a very important and integral role in 'Connected 24x7'. She is training the SBS Toli, one of the main acts in this year's form evening. Without her, the show will lack all its charm.

Q1) What significance does SBS Toli hold in 'Connected 24x7'?
A1) It is a representation of children who are playing themselves. They are stupefied how the word 'Stress' has become commercial. Toli represents talent, friendship and fun. They are curious. They are a group of ensemble.

Q2) Brief us or throw light on the progress of SBS Toli.
A2) The progress is going.....fine. They are thinking about their characters, positions, lines etc. Bonding helps.

Q3) If given a choice, who would you train apart from the SBS Toli and why?
A3)Family scene. Because there's lots that can be done.

Q4) What message does 'Connected 24x7' convey to its audiences?
A4) The 24x7 connection we are talking about is breath to breath, life to life, human to human, not digital connection (WhatsApp, Facebook etc.).

Q5) What is your take away from this year's theme and how relevant do you think it is in present times?
A5)It is very relevant in present times. Everything written in the script is true. Middle school is where the foundation of an individual is built and one learns how to make decisions. Children in middle school undergo a lot of stress. It is killing them.

By: Arya Goyal 7B

An Interview with Rafia Ma'am -

Q1) What idea does the Emoji Family act revolve around?
A1) The idea is actually to present different types of family in front of the audience.

Q2) Brief us or throw light on the progress of the Emoji Family act?
A2) What I think is that we need to work more and do a little more on what we are doing.

Q3) How does the Emoji Family act relate to 'Connected 24x7'? What makes this act different from other acts?
A3) This act actually directly connects to the audience because it is about families. This act makes it different from others as it is something that has not happened before.

Q4) What's your opinion on this year's theme?
A4) It is really nice according to me and the students came up with a lot of creative ideas and helped the teachers.

By: Nayva Kochhar 6B & Jaansi Setia A8

Q1) What is dance to you?
A1) Dance is everything to me whatever is going around me is dance.

Q2) How is multicultural dance related to the theme connected 24x7?
A2) It is related to the theme as India has a lot of diversity and in present everyone doesn't care about the tradition so we, through this dance are showing that we are all connected.

Q3) How challenging was it to bring so many different dance forms on one platform?
A3) It was very challenging for me but it is the beauty of it. All of the students worked very hard and we did this difficult task.

Q4) How much do you rely on social media?
A4) I do rely on social media because it keeps us connected. We should maintain a limit with regard to social media and should not miss out on our precious moments.

By: Navya Kochhar 6B

Q1) What are your thoughts on this year's Form Evening?
A1) I think it is very exciting.

Q2) Brief us on the challenges and difficulties faced during rehearsals?
A2) We don't consider it to be a challenge or a difficulty. It's a moment we anxiously look forward to, each year.

Q3) A little negligence can lead to big blunders. How far do you agree to this and what do you do to ensure near perfection in this show?
A3) Yes, we agree but with focus and practice we do perform to our utmost best.

Q4) On what basis do you select your group for orchestra?
A4) On the basis of passion and dedication.

Q5) Talk about the role of social media in your life?
A5) It's a good way to be updated with the current affairs.

By: Arnav Aggarwal 6A & Akshat Devgan 6B

Q1) How much do you rely on social media and why?
A1) I wouldn't really use rely, I definitely use social media as it is useful for connecting and keeping in touch with my former students, friends, even people who I haven't talked to in years. I, do in fact, have a Whatsapp and Facebook account and I have connected with many people through them.

Q2) How relevant is this year's form evening to the present generation?
A2) It is very relevant to the present generation as social media is slowly taking over the lives of students and face-to-face communication is being lost in this world of technology.

Q3) Form evening is an integral part of SBS on which students and teachers invest a lot of time and energy. What according to you is the purpose behind it?
A3) It is a very important event for the student of SBS. It helps the students discover their interests and skills and teaches them about teamwork and collaboration.

Q4) How do you get the ball rolling from start to finish to make the show the success it always is?
A4) The whole team of teachers put their heads together and decide on a topic by looking at the things that are going around lately, to decide on a fit topic, which can also educate the children as well as make them have fun.

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E & Anaanya Poddar 7A

Q1) What does being connected mean to you?
A1) Being connected to me means to be in touch with my near and dear ones.

Q2) Managing the practices and keeping up with the hectic schedule must be a taxing task. How do you cope with all the stress?
A2) Actually I don't think managing all the students is hectic at all as by these practices I get to know a lot about the children, their weakness and their strengths and most of all I enjoy doing this task.

Q3) What were your thoughts behind the selection of this year's form evening theme?
A3) I think this theme is extremely good as these days middle schoolers face a lot of stress and that being connected with loved ones is very important.

Q4) Tell us about the importance of social media in your life?
A4) I don't use social media and I prefer to talk person to person, face to face and I would not recommend any one to use social media.

By: Ekansh Bharadwaj 7B & Hardik Tyagi 6A

Q1) What made you stumble on the theme "Connected 24x7"?
A1) It wasn't me alone, it was a team effort as we wanted to develop a performance which depicts the potential of a middle-schooler.

Q2) Brief us on any aspect of the show, you feel could have been better worked-upon or has you stressed.
A2) Every bit of it makes me stressed as the children have worked very hard and anything can go wrong any time.

Q3) What else catches your attention apart from drama?
A3) Music, reading, family and teaching catches my attention.

Q4) Are you nervous before any performance? If yes, how do you calm yourself down?
A4) I walk and chant till my nervousness goes away.

Q5) How big a role does social media play in your life?
A5) Social media does not play any role in my life as I'm strictly against it and I feel social media spoils the person.

By: Ekansh Bharadwaj 7B & Hardik Tyagi 6A

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