Stress, Depression and Heartbreak does anyone ring a bell?
For all of them suck the pleasure of life, Oh once so good and swell.
Now teardrops fall off her nose
She breeds in dark corners where no one goes.
A past life lies under her skin
So deep down her heart is broken from within.
Present life maybe as artificial as a mask
As now her soul has drowned in the lurid past.
Depressed is she and now is riled
That now her bruised face so teared.
Dreams and hopes, that death would let her soul bleed.

By: Manavi Sharma 7C

It's like a drug of addiction
Which causes so much pain and has no depiction
A mirror without a reflection
That makes your heart run with rejection.
An image so horrifying
That makes your mind terrifying.
But alas there is no clarifying
For now unfortunately you're dying!

By: Manavi Sharma 7C

We are co-existing
Between two worlds
One virtual
And one real
Stuck in between
The social barriers
That surround us
Blocking us out
From the world
We now neglect
For a world
On the screen

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E & Jaansi Setia 8A

Depression and stress
consumed by darkness
The pressure chases
the fire ablazes

What can I do?
No one can help, not even you
My bad dreams
my silent screams

The face, the expression
It is all depression
Demons in my mind
with pressure, I pine

Crying and whining
The bad powers shining
Although it's only tension I agree
from these handcuffs, I need to be free.

By: Aaleesha Sawhney

We are addicted
To something on the screen
Since when did the virtual world
Become more important than the real one?
Since when was communication
Done by only social media?
Since when did having a phone
And all the social media accounts
Become a norm?
Shamed if you do
Shamed if you don't
Have enough likes
Or enough followers
Shamed if you're too skinny
Or too fat
Who decided the just right?
Blindly follow
The image that is created
Strive to be something
We know we are not

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E

We run to the school and have fun.
The breakfast had buns.
P1 and P2 is not the fad!!
Little studies fine for us lads
In P3 it starts,
We practice form evening's all parts
SBS mag is just swag!
But drama is the main fad

The stress dance suits the theme
They are working hard, not enjoying chhota bheem
The multi-cultural dance is sublime
Not like free bies playing slime
Police walas are amazing
The global desi babas's popularity is raging
The production prevents the events from destruction
Good!! No disruption.
The choir and orchestra are like the Milanese nightingale.
Better than the black money vendors on bail.
As the form evening starts, we will win our parent's hearts!!!

By: Amartya Tats Pandey 6B, Akshat Devgan 6B & Arnav Aggarwal 6A

The 3 families:

Emoji here emoji there,
Funky faces everywhere.
Mother goes for shopping,
Posted a party emoji- hopping.

Stop comparing left and right,
It is a serious fight.
Stop comparing your family with others,
God gave you a mother & father.
They lack in something,
Watch yourself you lack in many things.

Flash here flash there,
Flash everywhere.
click left and click right,
Photos coming at the speed of light.
Photos on Facebook are posted.
#has everyone lost it?

Live with your family it is your only life.
It is a golden time,
In future you will miss this time in your precious life.

By: Arnav 6A, Amartya 6B & Akshat 6B

I hate my anxiety,
And I hate my tendencies.
But there isn't much I can do,
About my body chemistry.

I say I want to change,
Then I go back.
And then I repeat same mistakes,
That ends me in the sea of black.

I don't want to live this life,
I'd prefer a happier one.
But that just won't happen,
Not until this war inside me is won.

By: Jaansi Setia A8 & Navya Kochhar 6B

WhatsApp, Instagram or hangouts
I am always in need of emojis
To tell my buddies how I am felling
No matter how much they tease!

One with tears when I'm feeling sad
An angel when I'm praised
A devil when I'm feeling naughty
Wide eyes when I'm amazed

Footballs when I'm feeling sporty
Fork and knife when I am about to eat
A fist when I want to punch
Musical notes when I am up to beat

Sunglasses when I am a cool dude
A surgeon when I am sick
Eyes rolling when I'm annoyed
Question mark when I can't take a pick

I wonder how people in the 1800's
Lived without emojis
I couldn't survive with them
Don't look at me like that! Jeez!

By: Parnika Gupta 4E

Come join me at the form evening at Step By Step School
Trust me, it's very cool!
With the beautiful lights
In the pitch black of night.
From the orientation to the auditions
To get selected was our mission
How nervous I felt, waiting outside the door
When will we get the results! I can't wait anymore!
After the results, practice starts right away
Miss all the lessons! Sorry teachers there is no other way!
Staying late at night to have the very last practice
With lights, costumes and all the props it's something I can't miss!
Then comes the final day, with a large audience, costumes and props
This year apparently we'll be interrupted by cops
Connected 24x7 is our topic this year
At the end of the show, our parents better cheer!

By: Parnika 7E & Saanya 6E

I loved you, I trusted you;
But you left me painted blue,
With the lies you fed me,
I believed the words leaving your sugared lips,
You left me tingling to my fingertips,
But now I really see,
You never cared for me,
With your stealth,
You manipulated me for my wealth,
Now when I close my eyes I spiral into despair.

By: Manya Anandi 7A

Depression and stress,
Consumed by darkness.
The pressure chases,
The fire ablazes.

What can I do?
No one can help me not even you.
My bad dreams,
My silent screams.

Crying and whining,
The bad powers shining.
Although its only tension I agree,
From these handcuffs I need to free.

By: Navya Kochhar 6B

Bent over our notebooks
Slouching and writing
Our articles and reports
Moving from place to place
To gather information
For reports and records

The teachers
Bent over the laptop
Editing, polishing
The articles to keep a score
Dividing duties and articles
Only to edit more
With grammar to fix
And spelling to correct
The teachers
Can do no more

By: Anya Rajgarhia 7E

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